Spray curatare lant dynamic chain cleaner - 400ml check_circle in stoc (38 bucati)

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ProducatorDynamic Bike Care
Cod produsDY-020
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Dynamic high pressure Chain Cleaner is a single component degreasing spray for your drivetrain that leaves nu residue.

Ideal to prepare or clean your chain when using a chain wax or when switching between lubes.

The high pressure Chain Cleaner spray is a strong degreaser for the complete drivetrain of your bike in an easy to use spray can.

The cleaner acts as a degreaser that dissolves oil, grease and other contaminant. Your chain will look like new and is ready to be lubricated.


Dynamic High Pressure Chain Cleaner can be used on all parts of your drivetrain including chains, rear cassettes and derailleurs.

Frequently cleaning and relubricating your chain will extend the lifetime of your drivetrain.



  • Contents  400ml
  • Packaging  Spray can
  • Duration  5 rides
  • Corrosion protection  Good
  • Friction coefficient  No
  • Suitable for  Bicycle chains , Ball ring , Bottom bracket cups , Front derailleur cages , Guide pulleys