Dynamic bike care - universal bike chain lubricant all round lube - 250ml check_circle in stoc (50 bucati)

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250ml bottle of the Dynamic All round lube.

Dynamic All round lube will ensure that your drivetrain runs smoothly throughout the year with its ultradurable all-weather formula.

All round lube is a high quality lubricant that reduces friction in your drivetrain and helps to deliver smoother gear shifts.
Its premium formula is optimized to protect moving parts against water and corrosion. Due to its high creep capability, the oil penetrates quickly into each chain link.

For best results, use Dynamic All round lube after cleaning your chain with Dynamic Chain Cleaner. Afterwards, apply the chain lube on each chain link and/or moving parts.

  • Contents 250ml
  • Packaging Bottle
  • Brugger standard 90 N/mm²
  • Water resistance Good
  • Corrosion protection Good
  • Viscosity 20oc Low
  • Friction coefficient Very low
  • Suitable for Bicycle chains