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Super 7 Ultimate bike care box

The Dynamic super 7! The ultimate bike care box for road bikes, gravel bikes, MTB and e-bikes.

Degrease your chain with Drivetrain Detox, wax your chain with our super long lasting Slick Wax, give your bike a nice bath with our Bio Filth Fighter and finish it off with the Protective Wax. All essential tools included.

What’s inside?

  • Bio Filth Fighter (1000ml)
  • Drivetrain Detox (500ml)
  • Slick Wax (100ml)
  • Protective Wax (400ml)
  • Claw Brush
  • Soft Washing Brush
  • Microfibre Cloth

Product description

Bio Filth Fighter

Easily clean any part of your bike with Bio Filth Fighter. The formula of this bike cleaner is optimized to dissolve the most stubborn dirt like mud, oil and sweat without harming your bike or its parts.

Bio Drivetrain Detox

The cleaner rapidly removes grime, oil, wax and grease in a safe way. The planet friendly formula can easily be rinsed off with water and is the only cleaner of its kind that has no hazard symbols whatsoever! Drivetrain Detox is designed for heavy duty cleaning and even works on waterproof lubricants and greases.

Slick Wax

Slick Wax is a chain wax that lasts super long, keeps your chain clean, dry and lets you enjoy a smooth and silent drivetrain. Easy to apply and maintain. Developed for all cycling disciplines, road, gravel and MTB, all weather conditions and it’s biodegradable.

Protective wax

Protect your bike and make it look like new with the Protective wax! It provides a satin like finish on glossy and matte frames.

Soft washing brush

The Soft washing brush is ideal for cleaning your bike frame and components. The bike-specific design with soft bristles makes it safe to use on all bikes.

Claw brush

The multifunctional Claw brush is perfect to clean your bike’s chain, cassette, derailleur and pulley wheels. The tool features three brushes with though nylon bristles and a claw for mud de-clogging.

Microfibre cloth

The perfect cleaning cloth for all cleaning purposes: the Microfibre cloth. Use this cloth to clean and dry your drivetrain.