Dynamic bike care - bike corrosion protection sweatopia spray - 200ml check_circle in stoc (12 bucati)

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Sweatopia Corrosion protection

Sweatopia is the ultimate protection spray for any indoor training set-up like bike trainers and gym equipment.
This revolutionary formula with innovative anti-corrosion additives is so effective it even works on surfaces that already show signs of rust.
It drives out moisture and leaves a protective layer on your set-up to prevent the damaging effects of sweat and condensation.
Sweatopia provides a protective film that lasts up to 100 days.

Product description
Application: Shake can before use, apply widely or more precise depending on your needs.
Apply directly onto the area that needs to be treated or use a cloth.
Wipe away excess residue. Do not spray on braking surfaces or tire treads.
The penetrative capacity of the spray works perfectly on nuts and bolts.
The spray comes in a recyclable can, and we use an ozone friendly propellant to make our products as planet friendly as possible.

  • Size 200 ml
  • Packaging Spray can
  • Water resistance High
  • Corrosion protection Very high
  • Viscosity 20oc High
  • Carbon safe Yes